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    Leisure activities

    By the lake Saimaa you will revive and you can enjoy your life without doing anything and of course heating the sauna is one important daily responsibility. If you however wish to have more activities on your holiday, our cottages and their surroundings offer a lot of possibilities for various exercises.

    You can start fishing almost the door and you will find huge fishing area all over the lake Saimaa. Angling and ice-fishing are free for everyone, for other sorts of fishing persons of age 18–64 years need a fishing license, which is available by paying Fishery Management Fee and county-specific lure fishing fee. More information is available for example from the Internet site of Federation of Finnish Fisheries Associations.

    All our cottages are equipped with rowing boat if you are fond of more speed you can hire an outboard motor of 4 HP for the boat. If you want to use your own muscles you can hire from us a kayak for two persons. Water-skiers are not forgotten either since you can ask from us a pair of water skies.

    The forest is near and so is the treasure trove of berries and mushrooms. Säkkimäki, the highest spot on the area, is an ideal place for a break after picking the offerings of the nature. From Säkkimäki you can enjoy a magnificent view over the lake Saimaa.

    Apart from hiking in the woods after berries and mushrooms, Puumala offers you also good possibilities for “real” trekking. In the centre of Puumala there is the trekking route Kukkeistenpolku of about 10 kilometers. The starting point for 24 kilometers long Elsa Heporaudan polku is in Sahanlahti, which is situated about 8 kilometers from the centre of Puumala towards Mikkeli. More information and maps of them and the Green Gold trekking routes around the Southern Savo are available in the tourist information office of Puumala and Puumala’s Internet site.

    In Niinisaari, which is an adjacent island to Liimattala, there is the ecological museum Liehtalanniemi where you can get to know old time farming, see different domestic animals and bathe in a smoke sauna. The museum is open during the summer from Monday to Friday from 10 am. to 6 pm. and on weekends from 10 am. to 4 pm.

    There are jogging tracks in Puumala’s centre and in Sahanlahti and of course the forest roads of Liimattala and Kyläniemi make perfect routes for jogging. The plans have already been made for a jogging path and a canopy of twigs near the cottages of Kontio and Sammio. And already now you can hire walking sticks from Liimattalan loma.

    You do not have to get bored in winter either. You can enjoy skating on the ice of the lake Saimaa depending on the amount of snow. Sledges and bobsleigh are available from Liimattalan loma against a small deposit and if you prefer more peaceful movements, you can try kick sledge.

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