Both Liimattala and Kyläniemi, the sites of all Liimattalan loma activities, are located on islands. In the past, there were no roads and even today, they can only be reached by ferry. Water has always been an important element to island residents. It has provided a livelihood and connected islanders to the outside world. For example, today the distance from Kyläniemi to Liimattala by road is roughly 70 km, but by water the distance is about a third of that. It’s no wonder, then, that in the past, the sports clubs Saariston Viri and the Kyläniemi chapter of Saaren Veikot from Taipalsaari regularly competed against each other on sport fields, and the trips to the competitions naturally were made by boat. Even in the 1960s, scheduled boat trips to Lappeenranta took place daily. Thus, municipal or provincial borders were not a major factor in people’s lives. They were all the people of Saimaa, water folk. 

The parents of Liimattalan loma’s current entrepreneurs are locals: the mother comes from Kyläniemi and the father from Liimattala. Island life is an integral element of our business. In this section of our website, we try to show the characteristic spirit of the islands and Lake Saimaa, in both pictures and words.